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As many of you are aware the FTC has an ongoing investigation on Camco, a company that purchased old bad debts then tried to collect on them, for their illegal collection practices. Take a peek for yourself at The FTC press release on the whole situation here.

Now while some consumers are breathing a sigh of relief that they are no longer being harassed by one of the WORST offenders on the block they are also forgetting that they now should contact the credit bureaus demanding removal of Camco from their credit files.

That’s right, demand removal. They are currently not fully functional, they are known for making up false amounts of monies owed, they are known for illegally reporting on credit reports and whom will the bureaus be able to speak with the verify this information. My advice is to make the best use of this time and work on getting them off your credit reports if they are on there.

For the I Hate Debt readers I am attaching a sample letter you can use if you have been a victim of Camco and would like to get them removed from your credit file. Once again the FTC actions prove that yes, they do work for you and using the work they have done you too can help yourself.

***Below is a Sample Letter that you can use as a guideline to contact the Credit Bureaus. You may choose to mail it regular mail or send it Certified Mail. I suggest your change the letter up a bit to suit your specific claim and writing style. This letter does not constitute representation and should not be used in place of legal counsel.*****

Your info (Don’t forget to put your SS#)

Attn: CASS
P.O. Box 2104
Allen, TX 75013-2104

1561 E. Orangethorpe
Fullerton, CA 92831

P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374

To Whom It May Concern:
It has come to my attention that Capital Acquisitions & Management aka CAMCO has been under investigation by the FTC and is no longer in full operation. Attached is a copy of such press release dated December 8, 2004.

They are listed on my credit file alleged I owe a debt that I do not feel is mine or is incorrect. I am requested that the trade line or collection account listed as Capital Acquisitions & Management or CAMCO is investigated and removed from my credit file is it is found to be incorrect.

Per the FCRA you are to have 30 days to complete this investigation and then send me a copy of an updated credit file.

Per your companies request and guidelines for investigation I am enclosing a copy of my drivers license and a utility to verify I am in fact who I state I am and live at the address listed above.

Your prompt attention in this matter is requested.

Thank you,

Informed Consumer.

"Thank you for your help and resources. I had no idea how to handle my creditors until I found your website. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

(2nd Grade School Teacher, Washington)

"I appreciate your helpful information. We were able to work out a deal that is a win win situation for me and my debt collector's. Thank you so much.
Julie T.
(Receptionist, Texas)


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