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You’re moving onto the final step. Okay, so there are only two steps but this is the final one. This will not be hard but before you go down the debt-free path first you must stop and decide which path is best for you.

Here’s a word or two about the “I Hate Debt” paths. There are four very distinctive paths that will get you out of debt. Within each path there is the option to either do-it-yourself or to get help. Even if you choose to get help you are still responsible for making sure you do everything that needs to be done to make sure it works. You can’t just make a click or a phone call and have everything go away, sorry.

Each of the four paths has pluses and minuses and each will work but they are very different. Before you decide read them over carefully then chose the one that is right for you not just financially but emotionally too. Especially emotionally. That’s because you’re going to be on this path for up to ten years. Don’t panic, most everyone will be able to see dramatic results within two to three years. But if you declare bankruptcy it will stay on your credit report for ten years. More on that later.

Mandatory Reading – While I did say there are four paths the first path is mandatory, everyone must start here. Once you have completed path one you may choose to go on to one of the other paths. But you may not need to. For most people Path One is enough. If it’s not you still have other options but please don’t assume the worst. Get your facts and figures in order. Only then will your options start to become clear.

Here’s a preview of the four paths.

Path One - Create a Debt Payment Plan

repay debt
Are you in up to your knees? Are you moving forward so slowly that you are not really sure if you’re moving at all? If you’re making payments but realize all you are doing is going to work so you can pay off your credit cards then this is the path for you. Really Path One is fundamental; even if you aren’t in debt you need it. And since none of the other paths will work completely without it, everyone must start at Path One - Create a Debt Payment Plan

Path Two - Negotiate Better Rates & Terms (Consolidation)

Are you in up to your waist? Your stuck, you are making payments, maybe, but you’re not sure how. You may be able to negotiate better rates and terms by simply asking. Or you may accomplish it by using one of three types of consolidation. You can consolidate your debts into a new loan, use a consumer credit counseling service or declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a court approved debt consolidation process. To find out more about debt consolidation try Path 2 - Negotiate Better Rates & Terms (Consolidation)

Path Three - Negotiate Lump-Sum Settlements

debt negotiation

Are you in up to your chest? Do you can feel like you're in quicksand and you’re going down fast. You’ve had some set-backs and see some serious trouble ahead. Are you ready to bring in the big guns? For some serious help try Path 3 - Negotiate Lump-Sum Settlements

Path Four - Bankruptcy

bankruptcy option

Are you in to your chin? Are you going down and it’s just a matter of when and how? You may have to tell it to the judge, but you will get a fresh start. If there is no other way there’s always Path 4 - Bankruptcy

Path Five - Very Tempting

very tempting debt plan
Here's a very popular and very tempting path. It's easy to do and its results are certain. To find out more try Path 5 - The Easy Way.

A Word of Caution
There are a number of websites and emails that tout a program where you don't have to pay your bills at all. No, it doesn't work. Here's a detailed article about Credit Card Debt Termination Scams.

Before You Go
Before you go down any path you’ve got to know where you are and what baggage you are taking with you on this trip. So sharpen your pencil, grab some paper, and an eraser or two and let’s do some figuring...

Let’s put all the figures on the table. How much do you bring home every year? How much are your monthly expenses? How much is your debt? How much do you owe and who do you owe it to? On what exactly do you spend your money?

Be honest with yourself about yourself.
Are you serious about getting rid of your debt?
Are you willing to put in whatever effort it takes to become debt free?
Once your debts are gone are you willing to stay out of debt and create wealth?
Do you have the determination and self-control to do this yourself, or will you need help?
Are you willing to change the way you've been doing things?
If you mess up one month will you start over or will you give up?

If you're willing to be honest with yourself about yourself, your money, and your debts, you've got a great chance to take charge (pardon the expression) of your life. You can be one of the few people who have taken control of their financial life and made a personal commitment to get rid of their debt, to stay debt free and to create an amazing financial life for themselves.

You can do it! And the time to start is now. Once you start down this path you will never turn back. So let's take a look at the paths that are available for you, look them over, take a deep breath and pack up your debts because you're ready for the trip of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Solution
No matter which path you take the ultimate solution to debt is found by taking control of your life, and your money. Just figuring out where the money goes isn't enough. You must have internal control over your emotions, thoughts, and actions. By doing this you will gain the ultimate control that will allow you to build the life of your dreams.

The ultimate solution to debt lies in creating and living a debt-free and prosperous life. I invite you to start you inner journey to wealth by reading The Art of Prosperity.


If you would like to find out how a professional credit card debt negotiator can settle your debt for you and stop harrassing phone calls, then let Charles, our main man here at ihatedebt.com talk with you over the phone. There is no obligation and nothing to lose except 3 minutes of your time. I highly suggest that you see what your options are.


"Thank you for your help and resources. I had no idea how to handle my creditors until I found your website. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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"I appreciate your helpful information. We were able to work out a deal that is a win win situation for me and my debt collector's. Thank you so much.
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Debt Calculator

See how long it will take for your debt to get paid off with one of these four options. We have listed a standard debt amount as a default on the debt calculator. You will need to enter your current personal or business debt amount below to see what your debt payoff amounts will reflect.

What's Best For You: Minimum Payments?

Debt Consolidation?

Credit Counseling? Debt Settlement?
Total Unsecured Debt $30,000.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00
Months To
Get Out Of Debt
430 60 60 36
Interest Rate 18.9 % 12 % 10-12% Ave None
Total Interest Paid $49,978.53 $10,040.01 $21,300.00 None
$900.00 $667.33 $855.00 $458.33
Total Cost
To Be Debt Free
$79,978.53 $40,040.01 $51,300.00 $16,500.00
Monthly Payments   Months To Get Out Of Debt   Total Cost To Be Debt Free
Minimum Payments Debt Consolidation Credit Counseling Debt Settlement
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PLEASE NOTE: This calculator gives you an estimate of how much it will cost you to get out of debt, how long it will take and how much your monthly payment may be with the different options to pay off your debt. Keep in mind "Minimum Payments" assumes you NEVER make any further purchases on your credit cards and the credit card companies NEVER raise the interest rate on your cards in the future from the rate calculated above. The "Debt Consolidation Loan" example is usually only possible when taking out an "equity line of credit" or "second mortgage", which involves securing your unsecured debt with your home. This is a very risky option for most people because the home could be foreclosed if you cannot make the payments.