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Here are just a few Testimonials we have received recently:


"Thank you for your help and resources. I had no idea how to handle my creditors until I found your website. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel! "

(2nd Grade School Teacher, Washington)

Jan. 15th 2009


"I found your website when I was searching for answers to some of my credit dilemmas. I am a mother of 4, the financial mngr of the household. We are originally from Hawaii, in the island of Oahu, so if there is anyone from there would love to meet you. We moved to to CA buying our first home in 2001. Then we bought our first brand new home in 2006, at the start of real estate downturn. *sob*. At this point, I am working with our mortgage lenders to process loan modification. While I am waiting, I am also working on tackling my other creditors. I love the Mvelopes, system that you referred to me.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and thanks for creating this site to help us."

(Houshold Financial Manager, Oahu Hawaii)

"I got myself into over $56,000 in Debt. I don't know how it happened. It seemed like it happened so quick. All of a sudden I found myself in a position where there was no way I could pay that debt off within my lifetime
. I was making the minimum payments and the balance never seemed to go down. Then, i missed a couple payments and they raised my interest rate to 33%. It was at this point that I knew I had to do something. I was looking at Bankruptcy at this point and then luckily found your website. I know that Bankruptcy was the last option but you have informed me that I can actually get out of Debt without filing bankruptcy. I'm on the path to getting rid of this debt. Thank you.... I hate debt.com
Michael R.
(Construction Management, Oregon)

Jan. 24th 2009

"I appreciate your helpful information. It's nice to see this kind of helpful information to get me out of debt. I followed your suggestion about calling a professional debt consultant and she helped me look at my debt the way my collector's are looking at it. We are able to work out a deal that is a win win situation for me and my debt collector's. Thank you for saving my life!

Julie T.
(Receptionist, Texas)

Feb. 19th 2009


So How Can You Get Out Of Debt?

The fastest way to Debt Relief is to contact a Debt Consultant Professional for advice... But, before you do, arm yourself with knowledge on how the Debt Settlement process works.

As William Alexander quotes, "Knowledge is Power". Empower yourself with Debt Relief knowledge so that you can make the very best decision on how to get out of Debt the best way possible. Sign up for our free "War On Debt" monthly Newsletter below and arm yourself with the knowledge to get you out of Debt and staying out of Debt for good. When you sign up for your free email subscription, you will receive our Report on "How To Become Debt Free Now" (worth $19.99 in the stores, but Free for you because it will be delivered digitally to your email address).


Get advice from a web site that we suggest. The web site has a community of people and a wealth of knowledge on how to get rid of your debt. It's a great free resource. Click the link below;




What Are My Debt Relief Options?

Listed below are the 5 different options to eliminate your Debt.

1) Bankruptcy: This is your last option for Debt Relief and also considered the worst. There are two options to file for bankruptcy; Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to pay off your debts by selling off your current assets which may or may not include your home. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to pay off your debts through a payment plan that is approved by a court-appointed trustee. We suggest that you avoid Bankruptcy and contact a Debt Settlement Consultant for free advice first. Or, simply starting to learn about Debt by subscribing to our
Free "How To Become Debt Free Now!" Newsletter.

2) The Do it Yourself Repayment Plan: This option is not for the un-disciplined. You will not use the advice or counsel of a debt professional. This Repayment Debt Relief Plan does work. All you have to do is budget and schedule your plan to pay off your debt slowly but surely.

3) Debt Management: This is where you lower your interest and waive off certain fees and even reduce the payoff time period. You would do this with the help of a credit counseling agency.

4) Debt Consolidation Loans: This is simply a consolidated single loan that replaces your multiple debts (credit cards, unsecured loans, and medical bills) and puts it into a manageble single payment. You will then only have to make a single payment to the new debt consolidation loan. The benefit of a debt consolidation loan is that you put yourself into a simple action plan to pay off all your debts with one payment.

5) Debt Settlement: With the assistance of your own appointed Debt Consutant, your debt is cut down to 40-60% of the current debt you owe. This benefit of this program is that you pay off your debt faster while saving money at the same time. The credit card companies then usually file a "settled debt" record with the credit report agencies which is much better than having a "bankruptcy" filed with the credit report agencies.

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Debt Calculator

See how long it will take for your debt to get paid off with one of these four options. We have listed a standard debt amount as a default on the debt calculator. You will need to enter your current personal or business debt amount below to see what your debt payoff amounts will reflect.

What's Best For You: Minimum Payments?

Debt Consolidation?

Credit Counseling? Debt Settlement?
Total Unsecured Debt $30,000.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00 $30,000.00
Months To
Get Out Of Debt
430 60 60 36
Interest Rate 18.9 % 12 % 10-12% Ave None
Total Interest Paid $49,978.53 $10,040.01 $21,300.00 None
$900.00 $667.33 $855.00 $458.33
Total Cost
To Be Debt Free
$79,978.53 $40,040.01 $51,300.00 $16,500.00
Monthly Payments   Months To Get Out Of Debt   Total Cost To Be Debt Free
Minimum Payments Debt Consolidation Credit Counseling Debt Settlement
Enter Your Debt Information Here:
Your Total
Unsecured Debt:
Your Average
Interest Rate:
Months To
Be Debt Free:


PLEASE NOTE: This calculator gives you an estimate of how much it will cost you to get out of debt, how long it will take and how much your monthly payment may be with the different options to pay off your debt. Keep in mind "Minimum Payments" assumes you NEVER make any further purchases on your credit cards and the credit card companies NEVER raise the interest rate on your cards in the future from the rate calculated above. The "Debt Consolidation Loan" example is usually only possible when taking out an "equity line of credit" or "second mortgage", which involves securing your unsecured debt with your home. This is a very risky option for most people because the home could be foreclosed if you cannot make the payments.